Welp, done with the blog move!

I suppose what’s left here will serve mostly as an old art archive!? I can’t bear to lose the reblogs I made of arts for me and such, so.. I hope you don’t mind the mess!

See ya later alligators!

aerie asked:

… are we taking turns sending you embarrassing messages? …. oh. well. I guess I can’t get more embarrassing than I am over twitter. HAHAHAHA VIIIIIII LET ME PUT YOU IN A BOX AND FEED YOU CAKE~~~~

A CAKEBOX EVEN?? And the real question is if you can get more Mitsuhide than you are on twitter— jk I love you Tracyyyy

oxygenanddreams asked:

hello super talented young artist.

Hello over-exaggerating kind person! (Thank you!)

sharkieboo asked:

Have I complimented you yet? <___> If not, well here we gooo- You’ve been one of my idols for a while, and I just wanted to let you know how much you inspire me. We’re the same age and seeing your amount of skill in art really makes me want to improve. ;;

An IDOL GAH I’m so so touched!! I honestly think I have a long way to go before I can be taken so highly, but your words make me really happy ;__; I’m sure that your passion will push you forward on the road to improvement! Let’s do our best!!

amxed: Follow Friday (for artists!) ›


These are basically artists (only on tumblr) who inspire me more than the ~400 artists I follow on tumblr do (that is not to say the other ~400 artists I follow on tumblr are terrible!). I did a lot of features with my text-only blog long time ago, but si suggested that I do features on this blog…

Super-sweet list of artists to follow here guys! All very talented and lovely people (minus me why am I on this list)! 

(via mangorita-deactivated20111201)

Anonymous asked: Do you do commisions/requests/suggestions? Also, good luck for exams!

I haven’t done commissions before, and I get crazy nervous drawing for people.. and I don’t know if anyone’s eager to commission me, so I’m not very confident.. But now that school work is drawing to a close, I am considering it!

Individual requests are closed, but I’m always open to suggestions (and critique)! Drawing something different is good fun, given that it appeals!

Thanks a bunch for the well-wishes!! :-D

Disclaimer: I don’t Homestuck..

But Gamzee looks cool, and I wanted to quickly try out Painter 11 that Rosek so kindly sent me! (Sorry for the reupload, edited some things)

Heavily cropped WIPs from an art project I handed in a couple of days ago - it was about dreams and their surface/underlying meanings.

No one is ever going to see the final version of this LOL


Something quickie for my bby’s baby

TURTLE NECK ffshgshsjf agghhh he looks so stylish! Love the way you did his hair, thanks loads sweetie!

Keeping the pen on paper!

And a reffed action pose which I am going to say is a grown-up Poo from Earthbound

Coloured pens are a girl’s best friend!

Purple sillies, (bad) Chris Evans, and Legend of Korra

Creeper doodles are a testament to the attentive student I am

(My deepest apologies to fellow student council members who I butchered!)